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NACEE History

In 2001, the Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environmental Education was formed from a merger of two environmentally oriented organizations – Nebraska Organization for Environmental Education (NOFEE) and Nebraska Environmental Education Association (NEEA). Traditionally, NOFEE was geared more towards industry and corporations; NEEA was geared towards both formal and informal educators. By combining the strengths of these groups into one cohesive organization, NACEE has the broad-based membership it needs to be an active leader for environmental education in Nebraska.

In 2013, NACEE facilitated the development of the "Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan" for Nebraska. The purpose of the Plan is to develop a comprehensive strategy, linked with state educational standards and curricula, that will foster environmental literacy and a culture of conservation and land stewardship for Nebraska’s students. The Plan was developed through stakeholder meetings held around the state; input from more than 110 individuals representing a broad array of organizations and stakeholders. The Nebraska Environmental Literacy Plan was presented to the Nebraska Board of Education. With the addition of federal funds, Nebraska will be on-track to ensure our students are environmentally literate and conservation minded. 


NACEE has also worked to develop the "Nebraska Environmental Education Master Plan". This plan, developed through input from Nebraskans across the state, outlines ten objectives to coordinating the ultimate goal of obtaining sound environmental education opportunities for Nebraska. This document details a master plan for the state of Nebraska, not the Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environment Education. 

Additionally, NACEE has worked to develop the first "Conservation and Environment Literacy and Awareness Survey" of Nebraskans. This survey, based on the national Roper and Starch survey, outlines the attitudes and beliefs of Nebraskans regarding conservation actions (turning off the lights, recycling, carpooling), conservation knowledge (what does the term "biodiversity" mean, examples of fossil fuels) and  conservation beliefs (the desire to have environmental education, the importance of conservation programs). This survey highlights the advancements Nebraska has made in environment education, as well as areas where work is still needed. 

In 2017 NACEE "re-booted" with a new focus on Nebraska's informal conservation and environmental education providers. Our membership consists of a wide variety of stakeholders - nature center staff, zoo staff, conservation organizations, Keep Nebraska Beautiful affiliates, museums and historical site staff, Master Naturalists, city parks and recreation staff, environmentally-focused clubs, and other like-minded individuals. 


The NACEE Board of Directors includes members from across the state. Elections are held annually. There are also nine workgroup committees -- membership, finance, marketing & communications, conference, affiliate, nominating & elections, strategic planning, engagement and JAIDE (Justice, Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity). 


The Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environmental Education strives to meet the needs of Nebraska's conservation and environment education providers through coordination, promotion and education. 

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