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Environmental Literacy Survey

In 2003, The National Science Foundation's Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education stated that "in the coming decades, the public will more frequently be called upon to understand complex environmental issues, assess risk, evaluate proposed environmental plans and understand how individual decisions affect the environment at local and global scales." This Committee called for a systematic and organized approach to expanding conservation and environment education.


In 2000, the Roper & Starch National Report Card on Environmental Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior surveyed citizens across the nation. This survey assessed citizen's knowledge, beliefs and actions regarding ecological knowledge, natural resources and the environment. 

Patterned after the national survey, the Nebraska Environmental Literacy Survey looked specifically at Nebraskan's knowledge, beliefs and actions. Throughout August and September 2003, over 600 Nebraska citizens were surveyed from across the state and demographics. 

They survey results showed: 

  • 73% of respondents felt that environmental protection and economic development can go hand-in-hand, as opposed to something between which they must choose.

  • 89% of respondents thought the condition of the environment will play a role in the nation's economic future.

  • 98% of respondents think environmental education should be taught in schools.

Download the Executive Summary (PDF)
Download the Entire Document (PDF)
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